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Township Elected Board of Superviors

Donna L. Wright, Chair
Ellen L. Koplin, Vice-Chair
Lowell F. Linde, Supervisor


Township Administrator:

Extension 116,

Township Treasurer:

Extension 100,

Administrative Assistant:

Extension 111,

Public Works Foreman:       

Extension 112,

Zoning Officer/Planning Administrator: 

Extension 116,


The Township Sewage Enforcement Officer is responsible for all evaluations, ratings and inspections of septic sites and installations. You can contact him (John Kortvely) at 610-349-9833.

Open Records Officer

Send Record Request forms to the attention of the Officer below at the address of the
Township Building as stated on this page.

Township Open Records Officer: Wendy Stryker

Township Alternate Open Records Officer: Emily Fucci 

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