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Public Works

The Public Works Department of Lower Milford Township works hard to perform road maintenance.  We appreciate your input by inviting you to report downed street signs and any road situation which may need immediate care at (610) 967-4949 extension 112.


Trash, Sewer & Waste

Weather & Natural Hazards

Deer & Other Animals


Road Maintenance

Roads in our township are often repaired using seal coating, also called oil and chip. This process involves laying loose gravel chips with oil, and after about 2 weeks, vehicle traffic, temperature and rain will "set" the oil and gravel. Until that process is complete, the loose gravel can be dangerous at higher speeds. Use extra caution on curves and corners to avoid skids or slides. Generally, two to three weeks after the gravel is laid, road crews will come out to sweep up loose gravel. If you see a pile of gravel developing at an intersection, please call the Public Works department at 610-967-4949 ext. 112 so that it can be swept sooner.


Oil & chip is a very cost effective way for the Township to keep the roads in good shape. It seals the road and keeps it from breaking apart and prolongs the life of the road. Some tips for dealing with oil & chipping projects:


1) Drive VERY SLOWLY - if you can hear the chips hitting your car, you’re going too fast. You can avoid getting stone chips and tar on your car by driving VERY SLOWLY.

2) Never drive between the oil truck and the stone truck!! Fresh oil is very slippery and if you fill your tires up with the stuff, some of it is bound to wind up on your vehicle.

3) Follow any directions given by the road crew. They might not make sense to you at the time, but they have good reason for what they say.


Reporting Potholes

Please report all potholes or other road damage or hazards to the Public Works department at 610-967-4949, ext. 112. Use the list of state roads below to see if your issue needs to be reported directly to PennDOT, as the Township is not authorized to do work on state roads.


Street Parking

Lower Milford does not allow street parking along roads or shoulders. Parking along the road edge can impede sight lines for intersections and around curves, causing accidents (including drivers hitting your car). If you are hosting an event at your home and need additional parking area, please call the Township office to make arrangements to properly and safely park cars around your residence.

State Roads

Lower Milford contains a number of township roads and state roads. State roads are controlled by PennDOT exclusively, so if you have an issue with a road or with maintenance or runoff on the following roads - please contact PennDOT for help. Lower Milford is PennDOT District 5, and can be reached at 610-798-4280 ext. 5.

You can also submit road concerns to PennDOT using this link:

List of PennDOT roads:


Beverly Hills Road
Blue Church Road
Chestnut Hill Church Rd – Limeport Pike to Churchview Rd
Church View Road
Dillingersville Road – Limeport Pike to Zionsville Rd
Emmaus Road
King’s Highway
Limeport Pike
Locust Valley Road
Palm Road
Powder Valley Road
Spinnerstown Road
Steinsburg Road
Vera Cruz Road S.
Zionsville Road

Trash, Sewer & Waste

Trash Disposal

Lower Milford does not have trash hauling. Residents must contract their own trash hauler, and are responsible for obtaining trash bins and recycling bins. Please note the Township cannot recommend trash haulers. Trash bins and cans must be off the cartway of the road.


Sewer Service in Limeport Village

If you are in Limeport Village and are connected to the package plant, and there is an alarm or issue with your pump, call Site Specific Design at 215-887-3730. The Township cannot respond to alarms or service your connection.


Electronic Waste Disposal

Keep an eye on the Township web page, Facebook page or Twitter feed for local electronic recycling loactions. Generally, monitors and televisions can be recycled for fees from $20-50. You can check or call 484-866-0927 for locations and additional information.


Hazardous Waste

Household hazardous waste is very expensive to handle, often upwards of $300. Lower Milford does not handle any disposal of household hazardous waste. Household hazardous waste is any product with warnings about toxicity, corrosiveness, or flammability. This includes common products like pesticides, nail polish remover, paint remover, drain cleaners, oven cleaners, pool chemicals and fertilizers. When hazardous materials are disposed of with household trash, different kinds of chemicals could mix together causing fires, explosions, or toxic fumes. At the landfill, hazardous materials could leech out and contaminate groundwater or surface water. For these reasons, disposal of household hazardous waste in your regular trash will result in fines.


Use the Lehigh County web site to see if your products are considered hazardous waste. Contact Lehigh County Solid Waste Management at 610-782-3073 for information on proper disposal.

Weather & Natural Hazards

FOR ANY DOWNED WIRES - CALL 911. You can notify the Township after you call emergency services. Do not approach, touch, or drive over the lines - just call it in.


Lower Milford Township deals with bad weather using plows, cinder and salt mixtures. We both pre-treat and post-treat, depending on conditions, which can often change rapidly. Treating with excessive salt is often ineffective, as it will not adhere to a dry road, and will be blown into yards and farm fields, eventually creating excess salination into the groundwater. It also will not be effective at temperatures below 20 degrees.

Our plow drivers are often working during storms in the overnight hours. The Township does not plow PennDOT roads (see list of PennDot-manned state roads above in the Roads Section). Some important things to remember:


There is a set rotation of plows that circulate in the Township. Roads are plowed in the following order:

Collector (main) roads

Local roads


If you have an emergency and your road has not been plowed yet - call 911 and they will dispatch a plow to you. Please note this service should only be used for true emergencies. Abusing the 911 system during storms can result in you causing others truly life-threatening situations.

DO NOT drive during a snow emergency. Snow emergencies can be declared in the Township and will be posted on our website, Facebook page and Twitter feed. Weather information can be found on local news sites such as Channel 69 WFMZ or Parking along Township roads is prohibited - stay off the roads during storms. If you must drive during a storm in case of emergency, lower your speed accordingly. Stay back from plows, as blowing snow from the blade limits their visual field. Remember that bridges freeze before road surfaces.


Plow drivers cannot avoid plowing some snow into driveways. Shovel your snow to the right side of the driveway to prevent a larger pile from being plowed back into your driveway.


DO NOT shovel or blow snow onto roads after they have been cleared. This creates a driving hazard.


Keep your trash cans off the road to avoid contact with the plows. The Township is not responsible for damaged or lost trash cans. Install your mailbox as far back from the edge of the road as possible. Snow coming off the plow blade is heavy and the Township is not responsible for mailboxes damaged by plowed snow.

To reduce chances of the plow blade ripping up sod, you can place stakes with bright colors or reflectors along the edge of your lawn. If you want the plow to use these stakes as a guide, please put them on the edge of your property line. If you place them further into your yard, the plow driver may think the roadway extends that far.


The "gravel" that is left behind in the spring is actually anti-skid, which is mixed with salt during snow events. It is not the same as the gravel used in the summer for seal coating roads. The anti-skid can build up along road edges and unfortunately, in your yard. In the spring, if there is a large deposit of anti-skid in a road, please contact the Township office at 610-967-4949 ext. 112. The road crew will sweep all Township roads in the spring according to schedule. We cannot remove it from your yard, but it can be raked easily for removal.


Removing Dead or Fallen Trees

A basic rule of tree removal is if it poses a safety hazard or a potential legal liability issue a tree should be removed or cleared.  This is particularly true of trees next to roads or which pose a danger to structures.  Utility companies, PennDOT or the Township may cut or trim trees to restore power or clear roadways.  Trees are usually left where they are cut.  If they are on your property (even if it is in the township right-of-way) and may cause a subsequent safety issue, it is the property owner’s responsibility to remove the tree. If you fail to remove such a tree or tree debris, you can be liable for subsequent personal or property damage.

Leaf Removal and Burning

Lower Milford DOES NOT pick up leaves. You are responsible for your leaf disposal. DO NOT rake your leaves to the curb. Rain will wash leaves into storm drains, causing flooding.

There is a LEAF ONLY drop off area behind the Township Building. NO branches, grass clippings, or other lawn debris may be dropped off. Call 610-967-4949 ext 112 during business hours for the exact drop off location. Available Monday thru Friday: 8:30 am – 3:30 pm, Saturday: 8 am – 12:30 pm. The Lehigh County Compost Site accepts tree limbs and shrubbery at 5375 Old Packhouse Road, Schnecksville, PA  18078. Call 610-799-4177 for hours of operation and costs.


If you want to burn your leaves and yard waste, you should first read our leaf burning ordinance. YOU MUST CONTACT THE COUNTY BEFORE ANY BURNING. Contact Lehigh County Communications before any controlled burn at (610) 437-5252. You MUST attend the fire and have preparations to extinguish it, particularly on windy days. You must keep all burn piles at least 50' from any trees or structures, and you cannot burn on Sundays or holidays.

Deer & Other Animals

Lower Milford Township is home to many different animals who may unfortunately have fatal encounters with vehicles. Deer, bear and big cats are the sole responsibility of the PA Game Commission. The Township cannot control the response of the PA Game Commission. Residents may call the Southeast Region of the PA Game Commission directly at 610-926-3136.


If you are interested in wildlife management for the animals who visit your home, please visit the Game Commission website to see how animal nuisances must be handled by law. Some of the small nuisance animals cannot be indiscriminately removed or relocated.

Cats and Dogs

Lower Milford has a contract with The Sanctuary at Haafsville in Fogelsville, PA for stray cats and dogs.  Click here for more information.

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