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Interested in becoming involved in the community?

Lower Milford is accepting letters of interest for the following:

- Delegate for the Joint Building Board of Appeals. Please click here for the qualifications to become appointed as a delegate. 

Letters of interest can be submitted to the Township Office in-person, through mail or emailed to administrator@lowermilford.org. Please contact the Township Office with questions. 

At the November 4th meeting, the Board of Supervisors approved advertising of the proposed 2022 Budget for approval at the December 16th meeting. The budget is available for public review at the Township building and by clicking the link here. 

The Township is pleased to inform our residents that there will be NO tax increase for the coming year.


Lower Milford Township is located in Lehigh County, Pennsylvania. Founded in 1853, Lower Milford is historically agricultural with over 3,000 acres under agricultural preservation. 

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