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Lower Milford is accepting sealed proposals for the purchase of a used paver. Click here for additional information.




Lower Milford is accepting letters of interest for the following VACANT position:

- Lower Milford Township Zoning Hearing Board, filling a vacant appointment with a term expiration of December 31, 2025.


Delegate for the Joint Building Board of Appeals. Please click here for the qualifications to become appointed as a delegate.  

Letters of interest can be submitted to the Township Office in-person, through mail or emailed to Please contact the Township Office with questions. 

New in 2023 - As part of the Township's stray animal assistance contract with the Sanctuary at Haafsville, Township residents are now required to provide vouchers prior to utillizing spay and neuter services for adult, feral cats. Vouchers are limited to three (3) per property and may be picked up at the Township Office. No vouchers are required for feral kittens. 

For more information regarding stray animal assistance, please click here


Lower Milford Township is located in Lehigh County, Pennsylvania. Founded in 1853, Lower Milford is historically agricultural with over 3,000 acres under agricultural preservation. 

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