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Zoning & Planning

The Zoning Officer and Planning Administrator is available for questions at the Township Building during normal business hours and may be reached at 610-967-4949 ext. 116 or by email at

Township Engineer

Township Sewer Enforcement Officer

Permit Applications


Township Engineer

Uniform Construction permit issuance, plan review and inspections as required by the Uniform Construction Code and are handled by Cowan Associates.


Please drop off all uniform construction permit applications at the Township office.

Township Sewer Enforcement Officer

The Township Sewage Enforcement Officer is responsible for all evaluations, ratings and inspections of septic sites and installations. You can contact our Township SEO, John Kortvely, at 610-349-9833.

Permit Applications

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Permits are required for the construction of  new structures, home additions and changes of use. 

  • Agricultural buildings are exempt from the UCC, only requring zoning permits.

  • Accessory structure 1,000 square feet are exempt from the UCC and only require a zoning permit.

  • Accessory structures over 1,000 square feet require both zoning and uniform construction permits.

  • All permit applications require owner signature.

  • Payment is due at time of submission or the application will not be accepted.

  • All projects with over 1,500 square feet of earth disturbance will require an erosion and sedimentation control and grading permit. 

  • Permits are not required for moving or yard sales.

  • A Certificate of Occupancy is required for new construction only, NOT for resale.​

***Please Note:  While the Zoning Officer will gladly discuss your proposed project with you, conversations on the phone or in our office with the Zoning Officer are not binding on the Zoning Officer because of misunderstandings which arise in communications of this nature.  What you think you said may not be what we think we heard.  You must submit a zoning permit application, along with the required supporting documentation to get a formal and unequivocal response from the Zoning Officer.***

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