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Turnpike Widening

PA Turnpike Northeast Extension Widening Project

To view the complete plans for this section of expansion from the PA Turnpike, or to complete a comment form, click here.

Lower Milford Township has recently received the first notices from the PA Turnpike Commission concerning the widening of the Turnpike (I-476) through Lower Milford. Lower Milford has several bridges that cross the Northeast Extension and we expect to be heavily impacted. We are aware of the following parameters:

1) The finished Turnpike will have 12 ft inside shoulders with concrete median barrier, three 12 ft travel lanes and 12 ft outside shoulders. (Currently, it has 1 ft wide inside shoulders and 2 lanes with 8-10 ft shoulders.)


2) The upgrade includes replacement and widening of the Chestnut Hill Church Road, Limeport Pike, and Cassel Road bridges along with several creek crossings.


3) All adjacent property owners should watch their mailbox for an “Intent to Enter” letter from the Turnpike Commission so that they can survey and investigate for the project. SOME PROPERTIES WILL BE STRONGLY IMPACTED. 


4) The Turnpike Commission will hold public meetings for the project to discuss the right-of-way, impacts, etc.



Any Questions? Contact the PA Turnpike at:
717-831-7576 or email

Ask for Matthew Burd, Sr Project Manager for the Turnpike Commission.

Lower Milford Township is unable to answer questions for this project.

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