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Stray Animal Assistance

Lost/Found Animals

TNR Program

Lost & Found Animals

Unfortunately the Township has been unable to renew or enter into a new 2024 contract with any local shelters for stray animals found within the Township.

If you have found or lost a pet, social media can be a valuable tool to help reunite pets with their owners. Check sites such as Next Door or Facebook, including the Lost and Found Pets of the Lehigh Valley area, Lost Pet Reporter for Lehigh County Area - Original Page, and Lost & Found Pets - Lehigh Valley Facebook pages.


If you have found an animal but cannot find any post(s) that match the animal's description, you can create one and be sure to include a description, the location of where the animal was found and how to contact you.

You can also try contacting local shelters and veterinary clinics to inquire on if they've received other reports of the missing pet.

TNR Program

The Township is excited to be able to continue offering the TNR (Trap-Neuter-Release) Program through 2024. This program helps control the free-roaming cat population by providing neutering/spaying surgeries and vaccines to feral cats before they are returned home.


New this year, we are contracted solely with No Nonsense Neutering (NNN). NNN has provided the Township with a set number of vouchers that residents can pick up at the Township building during regular business hours. These vouchers are available to residents on a first come, first served basis. However, residents MUST schedule their appointment(s) with NNN first before they can receive any voucher(s). Residents will be required to state the date and  time of their appointment(s) with the Township when picking up the vouchers.

To book an appointment with NNN, click here; or for more information about NNN and TNR, click here.

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